Mark Pollera's been playing drums and percussion since the age of twelve and credits his father, also a drummer, as his musical inspiration. While growing up in Detroit he was exposed to the great Motown and R&B artists of the day. His passion for music continued throughout his professional career. He has been featured throughout the Detroit, Atlanta, Florida and Pittsburgh areas. In Central Florida, 20 years ago, Mark was the drummer for One Flite Up, an up and coming band and in Pittsburgh, Mark has contributed his talents to music associated with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, Fox Sports, and Iron City Beer. Along the way, he has played with such notables as The Steve Winwood Band, The Atlanta Rhythm Section and has been a session drummer for Mercury Records at Phoenix Sound Studios (formerly Capricorn Records).  And now, returning to Florida, Mark rejoined One Flite Up.  Mark and his wife, Karly, reside in Mt Dora.


Glenn O'Connor started his musical journey in Lakeland, Fl. Encouraged by his parents, he started playing guitar at the age of eleven and would accompany his father to local jams where his father played guitar. Glenn has continued to improve his skills over the years and founded One Flite Up in 1999 along with Kenny Thomas and Mark Pollera who still play with One Flite Up 22 years later. Even today, you can hear artists such as Carlos Santana, John Fogerty, Jimmy Bryant and George Benson who have influenced his style. Through the years, Glenn has shared the stage with recording artists such as Three Dog Night, The Georgia Satellites and so many others. He summarizes his approach to music by quoting Carlos Santana, "if I don't feel it, they ain't gonna feel it".


Since his teens, Kenny Thomas was inspired by such greats as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, The Birds, The Stones and the Beatles. Getting his first guitar, a Gibson ES 125, he has played non-stop and dreamt of having a first-class band. Life often gets in the way and after playing in “Garage Bands”, Kenny put his guitar away for to 10 years, until listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn reinvigorated him. He hasn’t stopped playing since.

A native Floridian, Kenny and long-time friend Glenn O’Connor formed, what is now One Flite Up. In fact, drummer Mark Pollera suggested the name when the band had a regular gig that was “One Flite Up” on the second floor.

Kenny  loves performing so much that he is known as “One More Kenny” because he’s always ready to play one more song. His Blues roots are heard in his exciting style of play. Known for his vast guitar collection, he favors Fender and Gibson guitars and still searches for the guitarists Holy Grail; “Perfect Tone” .  

As with all of One Flite Up, Kenny likes having a fun time performing and making sure the audience does too. So, the next time you see us, look for the guitar player with the Strat around his neck –and say hi to “One More Kenny” . 


Mark “GOLDS” Goldberg grew up in Philly listening to the Philly Sound. His career took him around the country, and he took up the bass guitar as an adult learning from leading bassists in the California and New York City. While in NY he took lessons from Broadway Bassist, Steve Millhouse, learning to read music by following Broadway orchestra charts. He likes to say that he has sung with such bands as The Who, The Eagles and The Beach Boys. Of course, he was in the audience at the time, but, hey, he did sing along. “Golds” is the newest member of One Flite Up having joined them at the end of 2021. His strong stage presence and Baritone voice adds a new dimension to the One Flite Up sound. For the last 5 years, Mark has lived in The Villages with his wife of over 43 years, Maris.

Craig Frazee is the voice of One Flite Up. He has been our lead vocalist for over 20 years where, along with Glenn O'Connor, Kenny Thomas and Mark Pollara, he is central to creating that One Flite Up sound. Craig's incredible range and voice allow One Flite Up to play a wide variety of songs making each of them unique. In addition to his versatile vocals, Craig is also an accomplished instrumentalist, playing guitar, harmonica and a host of other instruments. Craig also shows his skills by providing great harmonies  when he isn't singing lead. Craig is thrilled to have joined his brother-in -law, guitarist Kenny Thomas, as key members of the band.